Lungy's Legends is comprised of 10 people. You can find out a bit about them below.

Phil 'Lungy' Trouteaud

Phil is the team captain and anchor; he's got a deadly right arm. Back in the mists of time Phil was stepping out with a young lady who gave him the name 'Lung Piercer' for reasons I won't go into here. It is from this that Lungy's derive their name.

Jo 'Bone' Trouteaud

Bone is Phil's wife and was our team captain until the end of the 2007/2008 season, after which she stepped down due to pressing commitments with the sofa, crisps and sudoku. Bone now plays in emergencies only, though she does sometimes do the scoring for us as she's an accountant. Well, that's what she keeps telling us.

Mick 'The Merciless' Cummins

After a successful career in the Bee Gees Mick jacked it all in to concentrate on his beloved skittles and Guinness and black. A talented player, Mick has a remarkable knack of bowling all three balls and not hitting a thing. Mick is Bone's dad.

Paul 'The Power' Chapman

Paul is undoubtedly the best looking and most skilful member of Lungy's Legends. He single-handedly dragged the team from the 2nd Division to the Premier League in two seasons. He is also the author of this website.

'Tiny' Tim Pond

Tiny Tim is a great big lump of a bloke who hails from the murky depths of southern England. An ex-soldier, his military training has given him a deadly aim and a steady arm. He likes to chuck 'em up rough.

Adam 'Trigger' Hyland

As a keen sailor Adam has learnt many skills such as timing, being a good team player and discipline. Unfortunately he has been unable to put any of these to good use in skittles. When Adam bowls we tend to take cover in the next room. Although his picture suggests otherwise, Adam does not own a monocle.

'Deviant' Dan Stewart

Dan is the baby of the team and recently became the proud father of his own baby. This means he must have been playing hide the sausage with his lovely wife, Kelly. We did wonder as Dan is a Spurs fan.

'Dangerous' Dave Heaume

Dave is Dan's father-in-law and the team's only left handed player. He is also a Customs officer. We regularly get him to inspect the bottoms of opposition teams as they find this very off-putting.

Jules 'The Jet' Webb

Jules is a big lad with a big swing. He launches the ball down the alley with venom, also know as cider. Jules is a Gooner, but we don't hold that against him.

Wayne 'Where Am I?' Coutanche

Wayne is the newest member of Lungy's Legends. He used to play skittles regularly many years ago, although you'd never guess that was the case. Often mistaken as being gay, he is in fact a heterosexual and has a hairy boopsie apparently. If you ever meet Wayne ask him if you can touch his hand.